Everything You Need to Know about Project Management Offices Summit

An important event will take place on November 3rd, 2022 in Saudi Arabia — concurrent with the celebrations of the International Project Management Day 2022. The Project Management Offices Summit (PMO Summit). So what?

The Project Management Offices Summit at a Glance

The Project Management Institute KSA is organizing the Project Management Offices Summit as an annual gathering, with the first event set to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on November 3rd, 2022. Remarkably, there’re various reasons behind PMI’s strategic initiative.

Top on the list of PMO Summit’s strategic goals is to positively and forcefully contribute to achieving the objectives of Vision 2030 — which is a national duty for every citizen and organization all over the Kingdom. In a nutshell, Vision 2030 is a roadmap drawn by the Saudi leadership to harness the strengths bestowed on the Kingdom – namely the nation’s strategic position, the country’s investment power, and its place at the center of the Arab & Islamic worlds.

Therefore, bearing in mind the Kingdom’s ambitious, large-scale vision, the Project Management Institute KSA aspires to use the PMO Summit within the framework of the efforts exerted all over the kingdom to take advantage of the nation’s economic power for creating a more diverse and sustainable economy. Consequently, given that Saudi Arabia’s economic renaissance must be translated into successful projects to be implemented in every field and sector of the nation’s large economy, PMI-KSA firmly believes in the strategic primacy of the project management profession. And, here comes the vital role of the Project Management Offices Summit.

Accordingly, The PMO Summit is created to bring together in one place delegates representing a broad array of Saudi governmental & private-sector organizations to discuss the best ways to advance the practice of project management, develop an optimal framework to boost project management strategy, improve the probability of project successful delivery, and, ultimately, empower organizations to get a return on their investments as well as add value to their stakeholders through projects, programs, tools, and portfolios.

With this in mind, we need to dive a little deeper into the Project Management Offices Summit.

Project Management Offices Summit | Mission & Goals

Strategically, the Project Management Offices Summit strives for creating an interactive framework that empowers project management offices across the Kingdom to share knowledge & experiences that help organizations standardize project management practices, increase project delivery efficiency, and, ultimately, push the boundaries of the project management profession.

When it comes to the objectives of the Project Management Offices Summit, the conference aims to empower Saudi companies to achieve their goals through the standardization and methodical use of project management policies & processes. Also, the summit aims to help Saudi businesses improve success rates and reduce project failure rates by avoiding disruptions. Further, the high-level meeting aspires to help businesses & organizations create and boost the best project documentation and management practices.

Additionally, the summit aims to guide companies & organizations on how to offer training and prioritize projects in addition to guiding them on how to show recognition for their distinguished project managers. Last but not least, the conference intends to provide a leading platform for the free exchange of ideas, applications, and solutions to project management issues among all the stakeholders interested and involved in project management.

That being the case, it’s time to answer a few questions about what will happen at this year’s event.

Project Management Offices Summit 2022

This year, the Project Management Offices Summit will feature several distinguished speakers, who will provide event delegates with insightful knowledge about the broad spectrum of project management issues, challenges, and best practices.

Remarkably, the first event of the PMO Summit will be attended by a wide array of professionals, including CEOs, Project Managers, Government Officials, Strategy Managers/Directors, Project Management Consultants, and Developers.

Each one of these professionals will come to the event to network with scores of project management professionals and learn about international best practices in Project Management Standardization. Also, they will learn a lot from the event’s presentations and speeches about such vital issues as creating a consistent project management methodology, increasing client satisfaction through increased communications, collaboration, training, and awareness, as well as reducing the time to market by providing better coordination and the right resources with the right skills for the projects.

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